My passion for floral design began at a young age, influenced by my beloved southern grandma.  Her bedroom was completely pink with a chandelier that would catch the light, sending dancing twinkles all over the room. We would lay on her bed backwards, facing the stunning mural of a place called Green Field Lake in North Carolina. She would tell stories and take us on imaginary picnics and walks through that mural of azaleas and bridges and towering trees. The magic of that pink room was unforgettable. She gifted me a copy of The Secret Garden and I have forever treasured it, both story and drawings. 

Grandma, with her southern charm, would always say, "when you do something the right way, you do it 'just so.'" It was a term that inspired us to do things well, with beauty, creativity and love. Nothing could be more perfect than Just So. Event Floral. It's our motto!

"With over 10 years in the Floral Design Industry, I've discovered how floral design communicates a story: joy, enduring love, silly celebration, sorrow and much more. I adore creating a personalized experience with my clients, focused on procuring floral design concepts from their unique story."