Just So. Event Floral Brand Makeover!


We are ecstatic to launch our newly branded Just So. Event Floral brand! With over 10 years of experience in floral design, it was time I finally took a leap of faith and jumped! I'll admit I thought using Facebook as my primary website was "good enough", especially since I also maintained a full-time job as a commercial florist aside from Just So. Something in my mind and my heart kept speaking to me that IT WAS TIME! I spent a lot of time mulling over what that meant for me and how that would look. Truth told, I was terrified and felt a bit lost. 

Sitting down with Heidi, from Wight House Creative, helped bolster my confidence and I felt safe with her shared vision for my business. Our many conversations helped guide me through the branding process. Viewing my website for the first time.... I was speechless. My heart was pounding and I just cried. You have no idea how deeply personalized Heidi designed this for me.

When she asked me about ME, and why I love floral design and the history...little did I realize just how much she cared about what that meant to me and part of my business and brand. SHE GETS IT! I hope you'll take time to read the about page to learn more about Just So. I am honored you have dropped by and look forward to working with you on your special occasion floral needs! Let's do it "Just So!" 

- Love Kara xx